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Everything You Need to Know About LS, LSX, and Vortec Engines: Specs, History, Swaps, and More.

A complete guide to the history of the LS and Vortec engine brands, the differences between them, and their components


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New Chuck Hutton Chevrolet Logo

 Local drag racer of historic proportion and founder of Lakeland Drag Strip in 1960 is an individual that you would have been proud to know. Watch the biopic and decide for yourself. Presented by the technical director and webmaster.

Collector car

Should I restore a collector car? What are some of the things that I should consider? CLICK HERE to find out.

Automotive Plating Cover

Find out about automotive finishes such as plating operations that are required for restorations. CLICK HERE.

Automotive Paint Finishes Cover

Find out about modern automotive paint finishes for your project. CLICK HERE.


Technical Directors Jim Cohen and Gerald Raymer gave the MCCC membership a presentation centered on transmission technology during a recent club meeting.

Automotive Battery Cover

  Learn more about automotive batteries. CLICK HERE.

Chevy Nomad Cover

Find out something new about Nomad. CLICK HERE.

Fuel Injection Basics Cover

  From carbs to fuel injection. CLICK HERE.

Fuel Injection Introduction Cover

  Fuel Injection N.O.S. CLICK HERE.

History of the Bowtie Cover

  Little known history of the Chevrolet Bowtie. CLICK HERE.

Nitrogen for Tires Cover

  Nitrogen, You decide. CLICK HERE.

So You Think You Know W Motors Cover

Review Your "W" Motors. CLICK HERE.

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